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We can help!

Has any of this ever happened to you or your family:


Your Doctor made you feel like a child or even worse, a criminal, because you asked
about pain medication. Has he ever said, "Let’s try Tylenol, we don't want you to
become addicted". ADDICTION, ADDICTION, ADDICTION, you've heard it so much
you want to scream. Please, just let me lead a normal life! If you suffer Chronic
Pain, you don’t get high, you get normal! You ask about Hyrdocodone, Oxycodone
or (Tylenol #3), but all the Doctor wants to do is hand you a prescription for 600 mg
of Motrin..


You suffer from Panic or Anxiety attacks and your Doctor tries everything but
Tranquilizers, such as, Valium, Xanax or Tranxene. He is you giving Buspar or
Paxil, I bet that if they suffered from Panic Attacks they wouldn’t be looking for


You suffer chronic Insomnia and your Doctor suggests milk or herbal tea before
bedtime. You haven't slept in 3 days, but he is afraid to write a prescription to give
you a half way normal life


You or your child is sick, you are prescribed Augmentin but you can’t afford it.

We can help!


Your love life isn't what it used to be, but going to the Doctor and telling the nurse
you think you might have a problem is
embarrassing. Do you really want to see her snicker
when you ask about Viagra.


Are you sick and tired of being treated as like a child? Of waiting hours to see
the doctor and having to pay to have him to write you a prescription, and gave
you the privilege of talking to him for maybe 2 minutes? The good news is you
don’t have to wait anymore.

You need this information. It covers all of the categories of your healthcare expenses, and it applies to all.

Now you also Get information about 15 doctors that will Prescribe through email correspondence, as a Free bonus with our standard kit for still only $19.95 which includes over 100 pharmacies, that
Do Not
Require A Prescription.
Our guide links you to all these pharmacies & resources, saving you huge amounts of time & money.

All the medications are made by the same major companies as the medications you purchase in the US and are using now.
Plus you will:

Save Money!
Buy in Privacy!
Get all the drugs that are available internationally!

You can also save money on top of Prescription Insurance!

Most prescription insurers, including Medicare, have limitations. Some have Annual limits on how much they will pay for - then you're on your own. Others will limit you to a "30 day supply". And almost all of them have co-pays PLUS what you pay for the actual insurance policy! What if you could get your medications for far less than all of these expenses added together?

Save Money on Doctor Visits!

Does your doctor require you to schedule a monthly visit just so he can prescribe a refill on your medications? In some cases this may be medically required, but in most cases it's just a pain in your wallet.

You've been doing the same routine for years, and get the same prescriptions each visit? Why pay all that extra money each month (and spend the time, your valuable time, too!)?

Privacy, buy with Privacy and Confidentiality !

What will you spend your thousands of dollars in savings on?

We have been monitoring and recommending foreign pharmacies and physicians who provide prescription drugs without a prescription to our thousands of customers for twelve years.

Thousands of customers have ordered virtually every prescription drug available, legally from our reputable foreign pharmacy contacts.

XENICAL, CELEBREX, XANAX, PHENFEN, CODEINE, SMART DRUGS, INFERTILITY DRUGS, LONGEVITY DRUGS, ANTIBIOTICS, ANTIVIRALS, VIAGRA, BODY BUILDING DRUGS AND HORMONE REPLACEMENT DRUGS are just a few of the thousands of medicines available without a prescription from the pharmacies listed in our guide.

Warning: Some of the pharmacies on our list will gladly sell any prescription drug without a prescription. Never attempt to use medications except under the advice of a licensed medical professional. We do not endorse nor do we wish to encourage the possession or use of substances that are illegal in the US. Please use all medications responsibly.

Be careful,

Always deal with a reputable company.
There are some pharmacy list dealers that automatically charge your card every month! WE DO NOT and never will.

Our strict confidentiality policy includes the following...

We will not sell or give our customer list to any company, organization or business of any kind, including government agencies.
We will never divulge your name, email address, address or other personal information. We now use, and will continue to use the most secure encrypted ordering system available.

All our materials are copyrighted and our company legal advisers are on the watch for any illegal duplication or distribution of copyrighted materials.

We promise this is the most up to date and helpful guide on this subject that you will find at any price.
We guarantee to deliver everything we promise,
If you do not receive everything promised as explained above you will receive a prompt and complete refund.

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Still have some questions? We will be happy to answer your inquiry. However, we recommend consulting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section as a first step, which contains answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you still cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us at 302 996 0635 or email us by clicking Here.