An Introduction
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Are you Feeling Lucky?
I bet you are getting spam from at least five different Online Pharmacies every day in your email account. I am, and they make it seem like they are true professional Pharmacists who really care for your wellbeing. Well, I can absolutely guarantee that more than half of those companies have never delivered a single pill to anyone, Ever! We have been in this business for twelve years and have seen hundreds of scams pulled on thousands of innocent people. That's why we exist. Our Guide will give you the most honest, up-to-date information available, so you can make the best choices about the pharmacies you order from. You will learn which pharmacies are reliable, and just as important - which ones are NOT!

Buy all your Prescription Drugs Without a Prescription – and it’s all Perfectly Legal!

Why Should You Trust Us?
There are thousands of pharmacies out there wanting to do business with you. Not all will give you a fair deal. How do you know which ones you can trust? That’s where we come in. When you buy our list, you'll know, because we place at least ten test orders with each new prospective pharmacy before we place them on our list. They only make the list if they are reliable! In addition, if we receive any negative feedback concerning any particular pharmacy, we place warnings on the list so that our members will know. If there is a problem with a pharmacy that the pharmacy is unwilling to resolve to the customer's satisfaction, we will remove that pharmacy from our list entirely. We provide access to all of this information for ONE PAYMENT of $19.95, and unlike our competition, we do not charge you again every month. In fact, $19.95 is all you ever pay!

Over 40,000 Medications From Over 100 International Pharmacies.

Our Guide gives you ALL the pharmacies in one place!


- Completely Legal.


- No Prescription Required.


- Much Lower Prices (usually 40-80% less).


- Access to new drugs that aren't available in the US yet.

I invite you to read our FAQ'S, and please read the disclaimers at this site, also visit the Customs Website as listed in our pages for more documented information about import policies and procedure.